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Did you know most toilet paper is made by cutting down trees? Our products are made from 100% recycled paper or bamboo, while also saving a whole load of water and energy along the way.

We also donate 50% of our profits to charity partners, helping provide access to clean water and sanitation services in developing countries.
To date, we've donated over $8 million.

Toilet paper might not seem big and mighty, but this small switch will make a huge impact.

Plastic-free products

50% of profits donated

Carbon-neutral shipping

We help build toilets for the 2.3 billion people without proper sanitation.

We donate 50% of our profits to help build toilets for those in need.

All the way from the factory to your door.

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Together we can save 27,000 trees

About 98% of the world’s toilet paper is made from cutting down virgin trees – which is pretty crap. That’s why our toilet rolls are made from super soft, 100% recycled paper. Trees are for loving, not wiping!

48 rolls of 100% recycled toilet paper

Not your average toilet paper

Good for business.
reat for the world.

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100% Recycled T.P.

Our most eco option, made from 100% recycled office paper

100% Bamboo T.P.

Our most luxurious toilet paper made from sustainably sourced bamboo

Bamboo Blend Paper Towels

Super absorbent rolls made from bamboo and sugarcane

100% Bamboo Tissues

Really soft, made for strong sneezes

We're a profit-for-purpose business. That means we're driven by our mission to make sure everyone in the world has access to a toilet and donate 50% of our profits to make sure that happens.

We are a certified B-Corp™ company, which means we uphold the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

We are also a verified social enterprise by the Social Traders Certification. This means we qualify as a diverse supplier for procurement mandates.

48 rolls inside

Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity Supplier

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